Build A Healthier Smoothie!

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Many of my clients are drinking smoothies for breakfast. They are quick and easy.
However, often the sugar content adds too many calories to the liquid drink. This can be an extra concern for diabetics.

Today’s Dietitian ( September 2014) provides suggestions to making the perfect smoothie.

A) Be careful of portions. Using a 16-20-oz glasses can easily increase calories up to 500 or more per serving.
B) High fat ingredients such as nut butters and avocados are packed with healthy fat and protein but often clients overload on these ingredients. Non fat organic plain yogurt or non- GMO soy, rice, green pea, etc. protein powders are great options to cutting calories and increasing protein.
C) Overusing fruit juice or fresh fruit can replace healthier ingredients such as seasonal vegetables that are much lower in sugar and more nutrient and fiber dense.

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