Sodium Concern with Kid’s diets

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A recent study in Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that “children’s and adolescent’s sodium intakes are incredibly high- almost 90% of children aged 6-18 in US consume diets that contain far more than current recommended intakes”.

The average intake in this age range was 3,255 mgs per day. The highest intake was among adolescents aged 14-18 at 3,565 mgs per day. To put this in perspective, 1 teaspoon of salt = 2300 mgs of sodium. The recommendation is an intake of 1500 mgs of sodium per day for an adult since it could result in a decrease of 25.6% in blood pressure. Easily, a single kid’s fast food meal could exceed that 1500 mgs amount.

Another study found that a “1,000 boost in sodium intake was associated with a 28% increase in childhood obesity and is partially linked to higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages” as per the article in Today’s Dietitian.

The CDC found that one on six children (ages 8-17) already have above normal blood pressure.

Seventy seven % of sodium intake comes from processed and prepared foods written in Facts: Salt of the Earth.

Start looking closely at labels for ingredients but also sodium and portion sizes. Less is best!

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